OTUS-U135 retraction mechanism

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The GR-01 gimbal retract mechanism is specifically designed for OTUS-U135 gyrostabilized gimbals from DST Control.

Gimbal retract protects expensive payload from damage that can occur during unmanned aircraft landing. The design is optimized for high accelerations that are present during catapult takeoff, belly or parachute landing.Flexible control options allow using GR-01 retract with any autopilot system or simple switch circuit for lab testing or manned operations.

Unit can be optionally equipped with high performance air-damped vibration isolators for best performance.



Gimbal retraction mechanism for OTUS-U135 UFY-GR-01  
Gimbal retraction mechanism incl. damping kit for OTUS-U135 UFY-GR-01-DP  

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